code festival 2014 上海

code festival 2014 上海


If you are going to use Java language, you must see the points bellow.

  • The class name of your source code has to declared as Main. Not to declared as main and any other class name. For this reason, the file name of yours also designated as
  • You don't allow to use your package. Because the execution command on our system for Java is java {filename}.

Programming language

You are allowed to use these programming languages.

Judge status

Our system judges your source code whether it is correct or incorrect and returns a result of yours.

Details are shown below tables. Don't forget to see these information.

Status Explanation
Waiting for Judge. Your source code is waiting for judge by the system. Please reload after a while.
Compilation Error. Our judge system couldn't compile your code. So, your source code is incorrect.
Memory Limit Exceeded. Each problem is restricted memory limit which your program can use.
That is 256MB usually. Your source code is incorrect because it exceeded the limit.
Time Limit Exceeded. Each problems have time limit. If execution time of your code exceeds this limit,
the status of judge is TLE. Your source code is incorrect for that reason.
Runtime Error. At least an error occurs while the system is executing your source code.
For example, stack overflow and divided by zero.
These errors are can not be detected by compiling. Your source code is incorrect because of the reason.
Output Limit Exceeded. The data outputted by your code exceeds the designated size of a problem.
Your source code is incorrect.
Internal Error. This is special case because the error almost exits in our judge system.
Anyway, your source code didn't output a result that is expected correct answer.
Your source code is incorrect.
Wrong Answer. Your source code is incorrect. The code has to output correct result for all cases.
Accepted ! Your source code was accepted correctly.

AC is an only status that means Your source code is correct!.